CS7646 Summer 2018

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You are on the page for information specific to the summer 2018 session of this course. Go here (Machine_Learning_for_Trading_Course) for overall course policies.

Please note: This page is still in revision we will announce by email when it is finalized.

Schedule & Forum

  • Schedule: [[1]]
  • Forum: Piazza

Assignments & Grading

Percentage allocations to the following assignments is still in revision. You will receive an email when it is finalized. However, it is safe to get started on the first assignment.



  • Participation will be determined via Piazza activity 5.0%


  • Exam 1: via proctortrack for online students 15%
  • Exam 2: via proctortrack for online students 15%

Not required, but recommended for self study


  • A: 90% and above
  • B: 80% and above
  • C: 70% and above
  • D: 60% and above
  • F: below 60%

These are hard boundaries (we round down).