CS7646 Fall 2017

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You are on the page for information specific to the Fall 2017 session of this course. Go here (Machine_Learning_for_Trading_Course) for overall course policies.

OMSCS & On-Campus Information

This course is taught simultaneously on campus and via Udacity as part of the OMSCS program.

Schedule & Forum

Assignments & Grading



  • Exam 1: Paper exam on campus, via proctortrack for online students 12.5%
  • Exam 2: Paper exam on campus, vis proctortrack for online students 12.5%

Exam contributions (0%)

  • This component has been removed for this semester. The points have been redistributed to other assignments.

Class participation (3%)

  • Class participation is determined by pop quizzes and activity on reddit.

Extra Credit (Up to 2%)


  • A: 90% and above
  • B: 80% and above
  • C: 70% and above
  • D: 60% and above
  • F: below 60%

These are hard boundaries (we round down).