CS3600 Summer 2017

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You are on the page for information specific to the Summer 2017 session of this course. Go here Undergrad_Intro_AI_Course for overall course policies and information.

Office Hours

Dave: TTH 4:25-5:30, Klaus 1447. There is no class after us in our classroom, so I will simply stay there for up to an hour after every class, for as long as someone wants to talk to me!

Assignments and Grading

Projects (50%)

There will be four equally-weighted projects in the class, covering search algorithms, constraint satisfaction problems, bayesian networks, and machine learning algorithms (decision trees and/or neural networks).

Exams (50%)

There is a midterm exam (20%) and a final exam (30%).

Extra Credit

The projects have significant extra credit built in. If you wish to maximize your grade, this is the place to do it. Requests for extra credit opportunities or free points at the end of the semester will be referred to this statement.


As mentioned on the main page, final course grades are not rounded up. While I understand the frustration of having your 89.9% become a B, you should understand that an 89.9% will typically place you in the bottom 30% of this class.

2017 Summer Schedule

This schedule is tentative and subject to change due to the compressed summer timeline. I am not certain exactly how quickly we will progress through the material.

The midterm will be given in week 6 or 7 (after Bayes Nets) depending on our progress. I will nail it down early in the class.

The final will be given according to the Registrar's schedule for final exams.

Week Topic Due
1 Intro to AI, Agents, Environments
2 Problem Solving, Search Project 0
3 Informed Search, Constraint Satisfaction Problems Project 1
4 CSP, Logic
5 Reasoning with Uncertainty, Probability Project 2
6 Bayes Nets, Dynamic Bayes Nets Midterm
7 Intro Machine Learning, Decision Trees Project 3
8 Local Search, Optimization
9 Neural Networks Project 4
10 Decision Making, Markov Decision Processes
11 Review for Final